Juan Luis Elorriaga  President of AER-ATP

The level of industrialization of the country, specific backup programmes and policies and an Association are undoubtedly the three main basic concepts for the development of automation and robotics.

Under these premises, AER was created in 1985, as a non-profit organization to group different members or groups which cover a large part of the drive and development of Robotics (AER) and Production Technology automation (ATP).

The Association believes that the growth and the correct use and implementation of Industrial Robotics, along with technologies that integrate the different production systems, are essential tools for the economy of a country, and to maintain suitable competitiveness levels of the industry.

Industrial Robotics improves productivity of the manufacturing industry (including SMEs), demanded in Spain from the IMF, by increasing production and exports. This is because of improved costs and quality of manufactured goods, generating qualified employment.

As improved productivity of the manufacturing industry is the key to economic growth, producing social welfare, Industrial Robotics is also the key tool to achieve these goals. Therefore, the Association asks for backup and collaboration from Public Institutions and Financial Entities in the dissemination and integration of these technologies.

It should also be pointed out that Service Robotics, that is non-industrial robotics, is generating tremendous expectation throughout the world. An increasing number of new developments and applications are being started up, which will undoubtedly play a leading role in the immediate future.

AER-ATP permanently provides all type of information and promotes specialized meetings on different programmes and projects.

It also takes on different training aspects of the sector, and transmits projection beyond our borders.

As founder member of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) the Association holds a privileged position at worldwide level.

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