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#webinar PAL Robotics: ‘Advancing robotics through EU projects’

July 1st 10:30 CEST
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At PAL Robotics, we are currently partners in over 15 EU research projects which include robotics for healthcare, industry and research and development (R&D), and we collaborate with other European organisations in order to boost innovation in several fields. To share our expertise in research and development, as well as to get to know other experts of the field, on the 1st of July, PAL Robotics’ is organizing a webinar focused on collaborative projects: “Advancing robotics through EU projects”..

In the research projects we take part in, our robots including TALOSREEM-CARIStockBotTIAGo and TIAGo Base are used for hardware customization, software and hardware integration, and software development. The portfolio of projects we have worked on includes fields such as HRI (Human Robot Interaction), Collaborative Robots, Healthcare, Agri-Food and many more.

Horizon Europe, under the European Commission is a €100 billion research and innovation programme which succeeds the existing programme, Horizon 2020. Horizon Europe includes robotics research, to be able to develop new solutions to societal challenges including health and aging, smart transport and cities, energy, environment and more. The focus is on building continuous efforts to develop an excellent scientific base for pushing the limits of innovation and technology, and being able to use the results in real world applications.

During the webinar we will share with you our knowledge on EU projects, how each of our robots could help you achieve your research goals and our expertise in the Horizon Europe programme. With this webinar, we hope to build new relationships with organizations that have the same goal as PAL Robotics – enhance people’s quality of life through technology, innovation and research.

Register today for free and e-see you at “Advancing robotics through EU projects” on the 1st of July!

Advancing robotics through EU projects


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